T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ (The Ultimate Band Experience)

We teach people to resist authority.


No, I’m not a political activist, I’m a professional fitness trainer and I teach people to use resistance bands to break the law of gravity.

We’ve created a training program called T.U.B.E – it stands for THE Ultimate Band Experience. T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ uses resistance bands to leverage the many planes of motion the human body moves through --- not just the vertical plane defined by gravity.


Traditionally, people focus on free weights for strength training and muscle conditioning --- and that works fine --- to a point. The problem is basic physics. Free weights rely on gravity for resistance –which can only happen in the direction of the pull of gravity---vertically, up from the ground. The more I trained with free weights, the more I knew there had to be a better way. So, we developed T.U.B.E TRAINING™️.

Resistance bands aren’t new; the way I teach people to use them is. Using resistance bands that you can literally take with you anywhere, T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ allows you to develop more functional strength, and, lets you change muscle emphasis on the fly, during exercise.


T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ can pretty much improve anyone’s level of fitness and conditioning while burning fat and building muscle. It’s affordable and portable. If you would be interested in giving it try, stop by my website or follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ exercises..